Flute Teaching with Sir James Galway

“I am a firm believer that anyone, of any age or background, should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument; be given music education or be able to further his or her musical studies. To make this possible, they should have access to knowledge from those who have the experience and ability to pass it on.”

This is my goal – to pass on all I have experienced throughout my many years, first as a young boy in Belfast, Northern Ireland learning on a borrowed flute, to working my way onto the International concert platform.    

It was with this conviction in mind that I started to focus more on imparting my knowledge through teaching.  

Thirty years ago, when I started my first summer Flute residency in Switzerland, I would never have thought that this seemingly small idea would develop into what it has become….the Galway Flute Academy.  This vision, which is shared with my wife, Jeanne, has allowed us both to work together imparting our knowledge and advice onto flute players from far and wide.

The Academy, which includes daily masterclasses, weekend residencies and ten-day flute festivals, gives me such joy to be able to change and enhance the lives of flutists of all levels.


There is nothing like being able to guide a student through the challenges they face in pursuit of their goals. 

To further connect us with students, educators and flute lovers, we created First Flute, my online teaching series, which allows you to learn from me anytime, anywhere and takes you on a visual journey into my world of teaching.   

The latest addition to the Galway Flute Academy is the launch of LiveLearn.  
This will permit everyone to connect with us like never before through live streaming classes, webinars, private lessons and interactive Q&A Sessions. 

The combination of First Flute and LiveLearn is my way to make music education accessible to all.

I hope you will be inspired to learn and enjoy playing the flute as much as I do.